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Pacifica’s Latest Moon Mood Editions: Neon Moon and Sunrise Moon

The American beauty and fragrance house Pacifica, founded in 1997, presented in January 2021 the MOON MOODS collection, which they described as “deeply layered scents inspired by the phases of the moon.” The collection was built around how the moon inspires us, with a nod to the power of aromatherapy in each blend.

“Inspired by a full moon in Ibiza, this is an explosion of scent. Sandalwood, jasmine, and smoky cardamom evoke a sense of mystery and fluidity. Our Neon Moon Moods Perfume is a bold, gender-neutral aroma with enigmatic floral notes and grounding earth notes. Much like the illuminating moon in its highest power, prepare to make a statement.”

The Moon Meaning: Full Moon. Mysterious, alluring, and breathtaking.

The Moon Mood: Fluidity.

Scent Notes: Energetic Sandalwood, Luscious Jasmine, Covetable Smoky cardamom.

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