For Women:
Bijan perfume has been a beloved fragrance for women since it arrived on the market in 1987. This engaging and lovely fragrance combines notes of sandalwood, oakmoss and orange flower for a clean, attractive scent that balances the mystery and charm of nature with all aspects of your personal style. Bijan perfume is perfect for a night out on the town; it’s a scent that provides notes of fun and excitement to go with everything you do.

For Men:
Introduced in 1985, Bijan by Bijan is a distinctive men’s cologne that creates a classic sense of masculinity. Nutmeg and rosemary blend perfectly with musk, lavender, oakmoss and amber to create the ideal everyday scent. Bijan’s warm, rich fragrance allows you to bring out your confident side without overpowering the room. Splash it on before casual events to create a sense of quiet calm that will last you for the whole day, whether you are running errands or having lunch with friends.

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