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Perfume Review – Calvin Klein CK Everyone Eau de Parfum

The newest fragrance included in the CK ONE line, by the Calvin Klein brand, arrives in January 2022 and celebrates the timeless spirit of the CK One fragrance. CK EVERYONE EAU DE PARFUM, as the brand claims, cares about the environment and has a vegan formula made from ethically derived natural ingredients. The alcohol is of natural origin. Both the glass bottle and the outer packaging are made from recycled materials. The clear glass contains 10% post-consumer recycled material and the folding carton 30% post-consumer recycled material. Both materials can be recycled again.

The composition of CK EVERYONE EAU DE PARFUM opens with an explosion of juicy, organic orange freshness from Mexico. At the heart of the fragrance, ethically sourced Sri Lankan black tea brings powerful intensity. This key ingredient continues the tradition of tea notes in the CK One family, paying homage to the green tea as the core of CK One and the blue tea in CK Everyone Eau de Toilette, followed by a sensual woody trail of Vetiver from Haiti.

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