Ted Lapidus was founded by Edmond Ted Lapidus, a France-born son of a tailor, in 1929. Lapidus took his first steps in the fashion world with an apprenticeship with the renowned Christian Dior before embarking on his own brand in 1951. Lapidus next joined the French High Fashion designer’s trade union in 1963 to further propel his brand, and his military-themed fashions quickly became in high demand in France and with celebrities such as Twiggy, the Beatles and Alain Delon. Along with the company’s high-end clientele, Ted Lapidus is renowned for using mass marketing production techniques to enable a more varied audience to afford his product. As the demand for couture descended in the 1970s, Lapidus became one of the first designers to partner with a cosmetic brand to manufacture fragrances. L’Oreal and Ted Lapidus became partners in 1970 to release Vu, the company’s first fragrance designed for men. Ted Lapidus passed away in 2008; his son took command of the company in 1989. Before his death, the Ted Lapidus brand focused solely on fragrances and accessories and ended its couture component. With collaborations with esteemed perfumers such as Roger Pellegrino, Maurice Roucel, Norbert Bijaoui, Alexandra Carlin and Pierre Bourdon, the Ted Lapidus brand still carries its original fragrance from 1975 to recent perfumes such as Lapidus Pour Homme Black Extreme, and White Soul Gold and Diamonds.

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