The design house of Hollister is part of the retail chain Hollister Company, which sells clothing targeted at young men and women. Both companies are part of the larger fashion company Abercrombie & Fitch, lending instant credibility and prestige to a young brand and providing a testing ground for some scents. Hollister released its first scent collection in 2011, with SoCal and SoCal for Men. Both scents brought the light, fresh style of Southern California to the fore.

Hollister scents are crafted by J.M. Hollister to bring crisp, clean scents with a wide array of top notes and layers. The house has released multiple scents for women in a single year, doing so 2014 with the launch of Crescent Bay, Addison, Addison Sunrise, Gilly Hicks Girl, Gilly Hicks Summer and Malaia. Scents crafted by Hollister for women typically feature light notes of floral, citrus and fruit, striking a balance between fresh, clean scents and femininity.

The Hollister men’s line of scents features both cologne and body spray, striving to create a full-day scent experience for men. The scents crafted by J.M. Hollister for men continue the tradition of the design house for creating crisp, clean scents that help convey a lifestyle and provide unique blends of citrus, spicy and woody notes. Breakline and Jake embody the goal of men’s scents by Hollister, with captivating package marketing and strong, memorable scents.

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