Luxuriate in a paradise of fruit and flowers when you wear this luscious women’s fragrance. Introduced in 2014 by the fragrance specialists of Karl Lagerfeld, the house’s namesake fragrance features sweet, rich notes of rose and peach over a base of tropical frangipani. Tangy lemon and a burst of sweet-tart magnolia provide an enticing finishing touch for a classically feminine blend that is complex and alluring. Try a dab of this bewitching scent with your most extravagant outfit or as the perfect accent to a night at the theater or a fine restaurant.

The mens fragrance collection includes Lagerfeld Cologne, launched in 1978, Kl Cologne, introduced in 1986, Photo Cologne in 1990, and Jako Cologne in 1997. His womens fragrances include Kl Perfume, launched in 1982, as well as Sun Moon Stars Perfume, and Lagerfeld Perfume, Introduced in 2000.

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