For Men:
Swiss Army cologne by Swiss Army is a men’s cologne that is designed to bring out the softer side in any man. Introduced in 1996, this masculine scent blends the freshness and tanginess of citrus with the soft scent of lavender and the aroma of sweet spice. The presence of woodsy base notes also helps give Swiss Army its intoxicating fragrance. Perfect for working or playing in the daytime, this cologne will help you make a positive impression that is strong, yet sensitive.

For Women:
A casual but distinctive daytime scent, Swiss Army perfume for women by Swiss Army is a rich, aromatic fragrance that balances citrus and lily essences in a perfectly balanced bouquet. First introduced in 2002, Swiss Army perfume has a complex but appealing construction that combines mandarin, musk and muguet (lily) notes. This resonant fragrance will turn heads wherever you go, and it’s the perfect choice for attending casual events such as a street fair or daytime recital.

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